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"More than enough suspense to keep the reader intrigued!"
--Publishers Weekly

Now available for the first time – the Geri LaRue newspaper thriller series in a boxed set!

Hearing-impaired reporter Geri LaRue belongs to neither the world of the hearing nor the world of the deaf. She never swears before five, she's a terrible liar—most of all, she's a survivor.

From a computer geek gig in Central California to a reporting job in San Francisco, Geri fights to prove her worth as she encounters a deadly assortment of enemies. This is top-notch fiction that you won't be able to put down. If you love smart, page-turning suspense, consider this boxed set and save 25%. (You'll spend 25% less than you would if you bought the 3 e-books individually.)


"If it bleeds, it leads" is a media mantra—the most gruesome stories always run on the front page to get people's attention. But when Corina Vasquez lands a bloody lead story she attracts the attention of a killer.

Geri , the newspaper's computer geek, helps Corina, the newly appointed Valley Voice investigative reporter, track a killer and uncover a deep conspiracy. What they learn puts both of their lives at risk and forces Geri to call on courage she didn't know she had.


A San Francisco priest is murdered, and Leta Blackburn, the award-winning journalist who would have covered the story has disappeared. Enter Geri LaRue, who was to be Leta's roommate and coworker. When a ruthless colleague suggests Geri knows more than she'll admit, Geri turns to prominent psychiatrist Malcolm Piercy for help.

Despite their mutual attraction and her own insecurities, Geri teams up with Malc and dives headlong into the world of big city journalism, psychotic murder, and public scandal.

All of Leta's notes point to the rarest and most deadly of serial killers: a woman.


Kathleen Fowler, a successful California businesswoman, is found dead – her battered body dropped from the balcony of her home and sprawled on the jagged rocks under the cliffs below it. It's a big story, but what shocks newspaper journalist Geri LaRue is that she has been named the sole beneficiary of this woman she has never met. As Geri sets out to discover why the estate has been left to her, everything leads back to her own troubled childhood. And when another person is brutally murdered, Geri realizes that the key to finding a killer may be hidden in her own mind.