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"Whoa! Hold on tight. Engrossing, provocative and haunting!"
--New York Times bestselling author,
Mary Jane Clark

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Three novels and more than 1,000 pages of fast-paced, page-turning suspense that you won't be able to put down. And with the boxed set you save 25%. (You'll spend 25% less than you would if you bought the 3 e-books individually.)

Passion. Power. Politics.

April Wayne, 23 years old, is interning for a charismatic senator from California. When she disappears, suspicion falls on the senator, who was the last one to see her. When the media learns that the two were supposedly having affair, he becomes their prime suspect.

INTERN tells April's story, and the senator's, but it also tells the story of the two women forced into the spotlight as a result of the disappearance. It is the story of April's mother, Gloria, consumed with finding her daughter. It is also the story of Suzanne, the senator's dutiful wife, forced to confront the truth about the man to whom she has devoted her life.

INTERN is rich and layered page-turner, a captivating novel of political scandal, about men in power and the women who love them.

"Written so convincingly you'll need to remind yourself it's only fiction right up to the unpredictable ending."
--Bestselling author, Alex Kava

"Bonnie Hearn Hill's INTERN is a book to pick up and not put down."
--Bestselling author, M.J. Rose

What would you do for a killer body?

Julie Larimore was the perfect spokesperson for Killer Body Weight Loss for seven years. Suddenly she vanishes. While fighting off the media frenzy that surrounds Julie's disappearance, the fitness chain's maverick founder, Bobby Warren, starts his search for a new spokesmodel and narrows it down to three candidates:

• an American-born princess, who is desperate and broke
• a former TV star looking for a new start
• the young woman whose public affair with an older, trusted, and very married broadcast journalist has made her one of the most hated women in the country.

In a world obsessed with body image, where beauty is the ultimate sales tool and honesty the rarest commodity of all, these women are about to learn what Julie Larimore learned the hard way: Some people would die for a killer body.

"Hill gets the reader's attention with a contemporary issue (is slim the only way to be?), intriguing characters and clever plotting."
--Publishers Weekly

"Fans of Mary Higgins Clark will appreciate Hill's skill in combining first-rate suspense with glamorous characters and a topical story line." --Booklist

Not even murder can guarantee silence.

Burdened with a devastating secret, the former mistress of an American president contacts newspaper temp Reebie Mahoney and promises to tell her everything. There is only one condition: Reebie must come meet with her immediately – that very night. Standing outside the woman's apartment building in San Francisco's swanky Nob Hill neighborhood, Reebie hears a scream followed by a gunshot. When the door is finally opened, Reebie is horrified to realize that the woman lying dead on the floor is not a stranger.

Within hours, the building is swarming with police and Reebie is their only suspect. As she is dragged into a terrifying world where past and present collide, someone – a mobster, a television star, maybe Reebie herself – is going to die.

MISTRESS is a novel of suspense, high stakes, and double identity that is almost impossible to put down.

"A thoroughly enjoyable read with some genuinely colorful characters."
--Romantic Times BOOKclub on Mistress